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Benefits of Working With a Recruiter

Delta is Your Golden Ticket

to Career Advancement Opportunity

Since 2007, Delta Construction Partners has helped thousands of construction professionals find their dream construction jobs. Our industry-wide connections and specialized focus in the electrical & mechanical construction arenas means less work on your part and faster results. Working with a Delta recruiter gives you VIP access to the brightest career advancement opportunities available in the country.

We save you time

Delta eliminates the time you spend looking at job posts online, most of which are often inaccurate because they are left up even after they’ve been filled.

We highlight your skills

We create and submit presentation about you that includes your soft skills and project list, which do not appear on a resume.

We locate opportunities not advertised

Our relationships with the nation’s top electrical & mechanical contractors means we have exclusive access to some of the most sought after career opportunities.

We call owners to personally endorse you

We have collaborative relationships with the top electrical & mechanical contractors across the country.

We’re your fast pass to the top

We get your information right to the decision makers. A relationship with Delta means you are prioritized and your resume won’t get stuck in a pile.

We build relationships

We get to know you beyond your resume. Our goal is to make the best possible match, and that means understanding your goals and vision for your future.

We Have Industry

Connections Nationwide

The phrase “it’s who you know” is never truer than when it comes to professional connections. Most of the top construction management career opportunities are never advertised to the public, so it’s hard to know what construction jobs are out there. Since 2007, Delta has fostered relationships with the top 5% of electrical and mechanical contractors across the nation. We have a fast pass to the most sought after positions at the top construction companies in the country, and relationships with their decision makers.
Most top job opportunities are never advertised. Delta is your key to unlocking the best and brightest career opportunities for you and your family.
It’s a small industry where everyone knows everyone. Rest assured, Delta Construction Partners works within the strictest parameters of confidentiality.

With Delta’s Help

the Job Search and Interview Process are Simple and Stress-Free

From the beginning stages of the job search process, to following up after you’ve settled into your new professional home, Delta is there by your side every step of the way. As your career compass, we are here to guide you and help you navigate a territory we are familiar with. Your expertise lies in what you do, ours lies in finding you the best possible career to match your needs.

We know what may not be online

Because of our relationships with our clients, we are able to help you understand the company’s culture and provide you with research you may not be able to find online.

We’re fun to work with

We help locate your dream electrical or mechanical construction job, and we make sure you have fun while we do it. We spend our days laughing and building relationships with our candidates, and we’re confident your experience with us will be unlike working with any other recruiting firm.

We handle all the details

Delta schedules and confirm interviews for you to save you time.

We make ourselves available to you

You can expect constant communication from us throughout the entire process.
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