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About Erika

Erika is an only child with almost zero family. She was born in Waterbury, Connecticut but was raised in South Florida by her mother for most of her young life. Erika’s experience in the workforce started at the age of 14 to help her mother. Those many moments of struggle cultivated a fire in Erika to succeed.

In high school, she entered a marketing program called DECA which allowed her to attend school and take class periods off to work. DECA prepares emerging leaders and entrepreneurs in marketing, finance, hospitality and management in high schools and colleges around the globe. The program taught her some of the biggest skills you need as a leader like communication, problem solving, and teamwork. DECA had business competitions across the nation and Erika has won awards locally, regionally and nationally, which allowed her to see different parts of the world she never had the opportunity to.

Her drive grew stronger and after four years of high school she was determined to take on the world. While attending a local state college, Erika waitressed at night and worked at Wells Fargo as a part time teller. She was promoted 4 times in her 4 years at Wells Fargo, all while pursuing her bachelor’s degree in finance and business management. About two years ago, she was presented with an amazing opportunity at a recruiting firm in South Tampa. Looking for a change, she packed up her things and started on a new journey. Recruiting quickly became her passion.

Throughout Erika’s life, she surrounded herself with great friends and mentors which helped her advance in the next step of her career. Without these connections she would not have entered DECA, been hired at Wells Fargo, or received the opportunity to be a recruiter. She understands how her role as a recruiter is her chance is to give back and now help others succeed.

When Erika is not working, you can find her in the gym or at St. Beach with her partner and golden doodle. Crossfit and living a healthy lifestyle is extremely important to her. Erika is very social and loves to spend time with her friends. Most of all, she likes to travel and experience the world with her partner.

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