Delta Construction Partners is the nation’s premier recruiting firm specializing in connecting top construction management professionals with the nation’s most accomplished contractors and engineering firms

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Finish Line Staffing holds an innovative, unique approach of targeting skilled labor workers that carry themselves with drive and passion, providing incredible results to help you reach the your finish line.

Learn More About Delta Construction Partners

Delta Construction Partners & Finish Line Staffing have combined forces to provide a one-stop firm to handle all your construction skilled labor and construction management needs. As a combined force, Delta Construction Partners & Finish Line Staffing’s scope of work includes:

Licensed Skilled Labor, licensed electrical & mechanical professionals

Staffing needs to help you reach your projects finish line.

Electrical: Journeymen, Helpers, Mechanics, Apprentices, Low Voltage/Wiring
Carpenters: Concrete Carpentry, Form Carpenters, Framing Carpenters, Drywall/Interior
Concrete: Concrete Finishers, Rodbusters
HVAC: Installation Mechanics, Sheet Metal, Pipe Mechanics, Duct Mechanics
Other positions we fill: Pipefitters, Welders, Plumbers

We offer licensed Electrical Subcontracting services for projects and emergency situations such as: after hours work, repair/replacement, accelerated/compressed schedules, additional/supplemental manpower and resources.

Project Emergency & subcontracting work

Direct-Hire for all construction management positions

Currently placing construction management professionals within:
Electrical, Mechanical, General Construction, Renewable Energies, Civil, & MEP construction industries.
Currently placing the following positions & more:
Foremen, Superintendents, Project Managers of all levels, Designers, BIM/CADD/REVIT of all levels, Estimators, & all Executive Level Positions
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