Beau Ottman, born and raised in Tampa, Florida, developed his passion for connecting with people early on, which is a trait that has become the cornerstone of his professional journey. In 2019, Beau graduated from Florida Gulf Coast University and has since dedicated his entire career to the dynamic intersection of sales and recruiting.

Networking is Beau’s passion and he approaches it with unwavering enthusiasm. His belief in the power of connections has been a driving force throughout his career. As a firm believer in the philosophy of taking chances, Beau often quotes Wayne Gretzky: “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” This mindset reflects his proactive approach when engaging with candidates, always seeking to uncover their hidden potential and opportunities for growth.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Beau is always a people person. His vibrant social life is evident in his every move, always being the life of the party. A fitness enthusiast, he also enjoys spending time in the gym, relaxing at the beach, and being outdoors.

Beau’s dedication to teamwork is reflected in his collaborative spirit. He firmly believes that teamwork makes the dream work and consistently collaborates with his colleagues at Delta Construction Partners to achieve shared goals. His goal-oriented mindset ensures that he goes above and beyond to make things happen, leveraging his skills and network to bring success to both clients and candidates.

Passionate, goal-oriented, and deeply committed to making a difference in the lives of others, Beau Ottman stands out among the other greats of Delta Construction Partners, embodying the spirit of connection and collaboration.

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