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About Jesse

Jesse was born in Rochester NY and moved to Maryland with his family as a young child. Now married with two kids of his own (girl and boy) he has relocated to the Sun Shine State to join Delta Construction Partners. Jesse enjoys spending his weekend mornings on the golf course and afternoons in the pool playing “mermaids” with his daughter Peyton. Before moving to Florida, Jesse volunteered as a Jr. High and High School Lacrosse coach for 10 years. Before recruiting Jesse gained first-hand experience in the construction industry working for his Father’s General Construction company, as well as installing Fire Protection and Landscape Sprinklers. Jesse spent 4 years recruiting for high-level Mechanical Engineers, Project Managers, Automated Controls, and Software Engineers. Jesse came to Delta Construction Partners with experience as a recruiting Director for a team of Technical Recruiters in the Washington, D.C. area supporting Government IT Integrators and is now our Vice President of Quality Assurance.

Jesse’s Favorite Success Story

When I began recruiting, I was fortunate to work with a candidate that had fled a South American county for political asylum. She was an Electro-Mechanical Engineer with a degree and multiple years of experience but was unable to find a position using her experience. She was working as a furniture salesperson with no real direction or upward mobility. I was able to get her in front of a Project Manager that I had a strong relationship with and explain her situation. She blew them away in the interview with her background, industry knowledge and amazing personality. She was offered the position after the initial interview and was able to get her life back on track with the knowledge that she was safe and using the experience she worked so hard to gain. That experience propelled me into a successful career that I felt good about and fueled me to help as many people as I can.

Jesse’s Favorite Success Story

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