Payton Kelsay joined Delta Construction Partners after moving to Florida from Cincinnati, OH where his recruiting career began. After excelling in Customer Service, Payton was put in charge of building and recruiting a new team for a specialized division. From there, Payton moved on to Technical Recruiting where he fell deeper in love with this career path. After some time, he moved on to recruiting for every different type of manufacturing role you can imagine.

Payton’s goal in recruiting is to always be what he likes to call a Match Maker. It is important that every person Payton works with, no matter which side, is extremely pleased with what he has set forth. Payton enjoys seeing people find and start their dream job or new career. Payton sets high goals to ensure that at the end of the day, everyone goes home happy.

Outside work, Payton enjoys spending time outdoors, near a body of water, traveling, exercising, and reading. He is always looking to try new things no matter what they are – from food to a new experience. Payton’s goal in life is to make the most out of every experience and to be dedicated at work and in his everyday life.

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