A two weeks’ notice letter is your opportunity to leave your current role positively and professionally. A resignation letter is seen as a common courtesy and, in some cases, a requirement to formally resign your position. This blog article will provide tips on providing your two weeks’ notice, along with a sample of what an excellent resignation letter looks like. 

Use Business Letter Format: Use a business letter format so that your letter looks professional. At the top of your letter, include your contact information, the date, and the employer’s contact information.

Keep It Short: You don’t need to include any more information than when you are leaving and when your last day of work will be. Try to keep the reason(s) for your resignation out of your notice.

Be Positive: Your tone should be formal but positive. It’s best to avoid mentioning anything negative about your employer or co-workers. Maintain professionalism with everyone, always. You never know whose path may cross yours in the future.

Say Thank You: Briefly convey your appreciation for the position you held and the opportunity to work for the company, along with the experience they have given you. 

Offer to Help: Consider offering to help with the transition process. You might offer something specific such as interviewing, onboarding, training your replacement, or use a kind gesture and offer to help overall.  

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