Linkedin is the perfect platform to showcase your greatest accomplishments, job experiences, who you are & what you have to offer. The platform allows you to connect with other professionals & organizations, share your experiences & seek to learn from others. For those seeking opportunities, Linkedin is strategically designed to help you find your dream job & connect you with others who can get assist you in getting there. 

So say you’ve found the perfect opportunity & are more than ready to submit the application. Is your Linkedin profile exceeding your future employers’ expectations? Is everything up to date? Correct spelling/grammar? Recent headshot (not your iPhone headshot from college)?

It is absolutely crucial that you have a fully complete & unique Linkedin profile! You must ask yourself “what makes your profile stick out amongst the other 660 million users?” Luckily the #DeltaForce has some tips & tricks you can use to make your profile one-of-a-kind & impress recruiters, future employers & your connections!

Here’s what we look for in a killer Linkedin Profile: 

Personable Profile Picture

Your profile picture is an opportunity to deliver your personal brand. It is the very first thing that users see so it is essential to have an appropriate profile picture. Your profile picture is similar to a first impression, how you present yourself matters! Make sure that shows in your profile picture. Here’s a great example 

image from

Ensuring that your picture is taken in natural lighting & is high quality is 🔑. Also, be sure to smile. This shows that you are friendly & open to connect! Remember that your backdrop should not be too distracting to the viewer’s eye. Don’t be afraid to get creative in your headshot, just remember to make sure it is an overall clean & clear photo.

A Summary Worth Reading

Your summary statement is one of the first things viewers see on your profile. Not filling out this section is a huge missed opportunity as this section is the perfect place to show who you are & what you care about. This section should be unique & effectively highlight your journey, your personality & show your passion for your career. 

Exceptional Employment Stability

 As recruiters, one of the first things we look for when sourcing candidates is their job stability. Many individuals believe that the more positions they’ve held the more knowledgeable they are in that field. While this may be true, job-hopping has a negative connotation🙅‍♀️ with employers. In reality, job hoppers hurt business. The cost of onboarding is extremely high for businesses & truthfully, it isn’t worth the cost to hire you if you are going to leave in a year. 

At Delta, we only submit construction professionals who have had no more than 3 positions in the last 10 years. Keep that in mind when you’re looking for new positions that you are absolutely certain that it is a perfect fit for you. Ask about the culture, the benefits, pay & anything else that could contribute to your happiness & success in the workplace. This way, you can prevent job-hopping. Your job experience should be listed in reverse chronological order. 


If you’ve completed a degree or are certified in any course/program don’t be afraid to flaunt it on your profile. Showcasing your education shows that you are diligent, determined, & eager to learn which are all great traits to have as an individual & an employee. Your education & certifications should also be listed in reverse chronological order

Project Proficiencies

As a construction recruiting firm, we specifically look for current & previous project experiences. This is just another way we determine whether your experience will be a good fit for you & our clients. It is important to be extremely specific in this section. Every person that looks at your experience isn’t familiar with construction jargon. If you have project experience that is not confidential, make sure to list the specifics of each project such as the type of project, name of the project, the budget & your role in the project. 

Organizations & COmmunity Contributions

If you are affiliated with any organizations and/or have volunteered, this is a great place to list it. By listing memberships/organizations on your profile shows that you are entangled within the community.

Start Engaging With Your Connections

Optimizing your Linkedin to its’ fullest potential will not only help you stay organized but it will help your stick out among the others. So take the time to invest in creating a unique & effective Linkedin profile- you can thank us later 😉

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