Barbara is dedicated to helping construction professionals achieve new heights in their careers, by carefully listening to those professionals and gaining a deep understanding as to who they are and what their goals are for themselves and their families.

Barbara is one of the Founders of Delta Construction Partners and as such she adheres to the principal that helping people is the greatest reward. Barbara has a passion and is committed to partnering with purpose-driven individuals and empowering them to be the best they can be. She is very proud of the growth Delta has achieved and the Delta Team. “Together the Delta Team will accomplish great things in 2023.”

In this role she uses a knowledgeable approach to aid those professionals in reaching their highest potential while optimizing their career opportunities.

While Barbara loves Delta to the core and working with construction professionals, she also has a full life outside of work. She enjoys spending time with family, working out, traveling, cooking, and her Lhasa Apso, Rocco.

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