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About Barb

Barb is a Philly native who spent most of her career in the legal field as a case manager. From this, Barb learned to be a great listener which has been invaluable to her as a recruiter. Outside of work, I live in downtown St. Petersburg, love the culture, enjoy the theater, concerts, great restaurants and love working out, also CrossFit. She also loves helping the underprivileged, animals, children and the elderly.

Barb has been with Delta since the very beginning. She says Delta has experienced phenomenal growth each year by leaps and bounds, but is excited that many of Delta’s clients today have been clients from the start.

Barb’s Passion for Recruiting

“Making the perfect fit is what puts a smile on my face. To begin with, we help our clients by placing with them someone who adds value to their company and we also help the candidate and his or her family with a career advancement opportunity and the perfect culture fit. Our clients and candidates are building the United States of America, that excites me!

Barb represents electrical construction management professionals and clients across the entire country. Barb has a passion for getting to know management professionals across the nation and creating the perfect match. Facilitating what her clients and candidates want to work in perfect harmony is what is most important to Barb.

Barb loves working with all electrical construction positions because they’re different and she learns something new every day. Her favorites to work with are project managers, project executives, superintendents, BIM/CADD, and estimators.

Barb’s Passion for Recruiting

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