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About Bob

Delta Construction Partners is the nation’s premier electrical construction recruiting firm, and has helped thousands of electrical construction professionals find professional homes with the top 150 electrical contractors in the country. Bob Magnan, CEO & President of Delta Construction Partners, founded Delta in 2007 after working as the in-house senior staffing manager for one of the nation’s top electrical contractors. Bob developed a passion for working with electrical construction professionals, and he saw a need in the industry for a team of recruiters that were dedicated solely to the electrical construction industry’s management professionals. He felt that if he could fill that void in the market, then he could make a difference in the lives of his clients, candidates, and their families.

Bob’s Passion for Recruiting

Bob has been immersed in the electrical industry since he was a young child. His father was a master electrician in the Navy, and to this day remains his mentor. Bob’s professional background lies in creating startups with unique causes dedicated to helping others as their primary mission. Bob is a 10+ year student and teacher of The Franklin Covey Seven Habits of Highly Effective People Programs. He is also certified as a Birkman consultant, adding comprehensive and valuable knowledge and assessment tools for the benefit of Delta’s clients and candidates alike. Bob is a member of NAPS, The U.S. Green Building Counsel and is a Certified Professional Consultant.
Bob is an avid Bama fan, and during hockey season can be found front and center cheering for the Tampa Bay Lightning. Bob also enjoys playing golf, and spending time with his wonderful, supportive wife and best friend of 25 years, his two beautiful daughters, and his husky, Ziva.
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Bob’s Passion for Recruiting

“Bob Magnan and his team at Delta Construction Partners were outstanding during my job search process. Bob brought a level of energy, integrity, and skill that is unparalleled. I would highly recommend Delta Construction Partners to any professional seeking to be represented by the best in the business.”

J. Murphy

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