The construction industry is about who you know and what you know, and Eric Cordova has
dedicated his career to these two principles.

Eric started his career in sales before transitioning to recruiting in 2018. Beginning in New York
City, he quickly learned that to succeed in the construction market, you need to be someone
that construction professionals can trust. That led him to spending a great deal of time on job
sites, learning first hand the unique challenges that those in construction face.

After over 2 years recruiting from the outside, Eric was hired by a construction management firm
in New York City to run their internal recruiting division. It was there that he became ingrained in
the construction process, from reading blueprints with division heads and managers, to working
on proposals with the marketing team, to monitoring jobs from start to finish, with an eye on
identifying weak areas to where extra talent may be needed.

When he returned to agency recruiting, he was able to use the industry knowledge he gained to
have high-level conversations with candidates and clients alike, turning those interactions into
intentional activity of connecting skillsets and personalities.

Now in Florida, Eric is excited to join Delta with a focus on building a network of the best talent
and the best companies in the state.

When he’s not recruiting, Eric loves to spend time with his wife and son. Together, they love to
travel visiting historical sites, beaches, and extended family. At home, they like to cook and
spend time with their pet cat Theodore.

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