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About Kendall

Kendall was born and raised in Delta’s hometown of St. Pete, but currently lives in Nashville. Although Kendall started as an electrical construction recruiter in 2014, she has been around construction and recruiting for most of her life. Delta is in her blood! She loves that everyone is driven to do their personal best but works together to make the best things happen. We have fun, we help others, and we constantly challenge ourselves to be better.

Kendall graduated from the University of Tampa with a degree in Criminology. She loves a good crime novel or a night to binge on FBI or crime shows, and she has more knowledge about infamous criminals than anyone we know!

Kendall currently lives in Nashville, and has since become a fan of country music, hiking, lakes, and exploring all of the restaurants, brunch spots, and rooftop eateries Nashville has to offer.

Kendall is an avid horse lover and visits her horse Captain Oats (Seth for short) as often as she can. She has been riding and competing since she was six, and has won numerous equestrian awards. Kendall’s love for animals extends beyond just Captain Oats and her rabbit, Punkin.

Why Kendall Loves Being a Recruiter

Kendall enjoys being a recruiter because she gets to spend her days helping others reach their fullest potential and dreams. She loves hearing professionals’ stories about what is important to them, what makes a job worthwhile to them, what makes their day important, what they need in order to love their job, or what their wish list is for the perfect position.

Kendall loves finding and working with electrical professionals who have a passion for what they do. She has made hundreds of placements since starting at Delta, and enjoys working with all positions in the electrical construction industry. Her favorites are estimators, superintendents, and project managers.

“A while back I worked with a project manager who I was able to help place back in his hometown. He wanted to move back home to be near his ailing mother and I was able to help make it happen for him. Even though he was a total rockstar in the industry, he was still a humble guy who was a total family-oriented man. Family is very important to me. I respect someone who is willing to uproot his life to help take care of his mother. His reason for wanting to move to a new professional home was so endearing to me and it made me work that much harder to help him. I felt honored to be a part of his success story.”

Why Kendall Loves Being a Recruiter

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