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We Have Placed More Construction Professionals

than Any Other Recruiting Firm in the Nation
There’s a reason the nation’s leading electrical and mechanical subcontractors trust Delta with their management-level hiring needs. We have placed thousands of electrical & mechanical construction professionals, and we have built relationships with each of our 110,000+ candidates in our database over the years. Delta has worked with every electrical & mechanical construction position under the sun, from foremen, superintendents, and designers, to engineers, project managers, estimators, and even executive-level positions. Our team of executive recruiters not only understand the ins and outs of the industry, but they also understand the duties, responsibilities, and personalities required to make a candidate successful in each position. When it comes to culture and finding the right fit, we listen intently to what you’re looking for, and we make sure to get it right the first time.

We speak to hundreds of new electrical and mechanical construction management professionals every day.

We Represent and Provide You With Access

to the Industry’s Top Electrical & Mechanical Construction Professionals
The best, most qualified candidates often do not advertise that they are looking for new career opportunities, which makes locating the right talent time-consuming and costly. Enter Delta. Delta locates and helps you hire the industry’s top candidates through rigorous research, referrals, and calling directly into your competition. We find the candidates who don’t advertise their resumes: those who are currently working with long-standing tenure and job stability, are well-appreciated at their current companies, and are not job hoppers. Without Delta’s help, you may never known that rockstar candidates working at your competition were open to new career opportunities.

We Save You

Time & Money
Delta’s aim is to build a collaborative, long-term partnership, and to remain a continued resource for your company and its hiring needs. The scarcity of top talent remains a concern for electrical and mechanical sub-contractors across the nation, and we never want one of our partners to turn down a large project because they do not have the right superintendent or senior project manager to manage the project. Delta’s team of recruiters can help you fill your most urgent and critical positions so you never have to turn down a large and lucrative project. Our goal is to earn the right to be your number one recruiting resource and partner.

Don’t Turn Down a Big Project

Due to a Lack of Talent
Running job ads, reading resumes, calling references, and performing initial interviews is time intensive and costly. When it comes to locating and hiring top talent, Delta makes your life easier by taking care of every detail so you can focus on running and growing your company. When we take your job order, we’re fantastic listeners. Our recruiters fully vet each candidate so you don’t have to screen hundreds of candidates to find your top choices. Instead, the top candidates are presented to you.

We have placed hundreds of electrical and mechanical construction professionals in the past 12 months!

We Love

What We Do
Delta’s biggest competitive advantage is that we truly love what we do. We are passionate about enhancing the lives of our clients, candidates, and their families, and each member of the Delta team has made it their mission to champion the lives of all construction industry professionals we serve. We have a deep respect for each of our clients, and Delta interviews each client carefully to secure a thorough and detailed understanding of your company’s culture, vision, and all of the intangibles that make your company successful. To partner with us and experience the difference Delta Construction Partners provides when it comes to hiring the top 5% of electrical and mechanical construction professionals, contact us today.

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