Are you stuck in a Valentine’s gift-giving rut? Is your Valentine a dedicated construction professional who deserves a gift they’re sure to enjoy? Well forget the flowers, chocolates, and teddy bears because Delta Construction Partners has got your back! We’ve compiled a list of ten Valentine’s Day gifts for that special construction professional in your life we’re certain they’ll love.

1. Massage gift card.
Everyone can use a massage from time to time, and construction management professionals are no exception. Between 14 hour days spent on their feet, maneuvering heavy equipment in steel toe boots on the jobsite, and gruesome drives in the car, their bodies really take a beating. Plus, tight construction schedules, lack of manpower, and clients that drive them crazy are always adding to their tension and stress. What better excuse is there to relax and release tension than a deep tissue massage? We can’t think of one.

2. Noise cancelling headphones.
Job sites are noisy. A good pair of noise cancelling headphones will protect your loved one’s ears while allowing him/her to listen to a favorite station or playlist. Hellberg’s headphones, made specifically for men and women on a construction site, come equipped with a clip to attached comfortably onto a hard hat. You can purchase them here.

3. Truck detail.
If the construction professional in your life drives their vehicle to and from the jobsite, they probably spend a good amount of time either cleaning their vehicle or trying to find the time to do so. Anyone who spends a lot of time in their vehicle would appreciate receiving a professional wash and detail package.

4. New work boots.
New work boots may seem like a no-brainer when thinking of gifting them to a construction professional, but not all boots are created equal. The most important things to look out for are comfort and safety. If you can’t sneak a peek at the pair your Valentine is currently wearing, be sure to choose those that are steel-toed and have plenty of reviews to go off of for the comfort factor. If your honey is standing in them all day, you want to make sure they’re comfy.

5. Silicone active lifestyle rings.
If you are married or engaged to the construction professional in your life, a silicone will allow your Valentine to show they’re taken while protecting their real ring from damage on the jobsite. They come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and designs for both men and women, and they’ve become so increasingly popular that you can find them almost anywhere. SafeRingz are 100% American-made and put a portion of all band sales toward sending free rings to our troops.

6. Insulated lunch box.
When you don’t work in an office building or have access to a fridge to keep your lunch in, you’re probably confined to eating fast food or processed meals most days. With an insulated lunchbox, your valentine can pack his or her lunch and know that they don’t have to resort to whichever restaurants are quick and close to the jobsite. If you opt in for the lunchbox, we recommend also purchasing a set of slim reusable ice packs to go with it.

7. Customized hard hat.
All construction professionals that spend their time on a jobsite wear hardhats, so why not help them stand out a bit (if their company permits) with one that’s customized? If your Valentine has a favorite sports team or color, then customizing it will be a breeze!

8. High end work gloves.
We put high end work gloves on this list because chances are your construction professional has thought about purchasing these in the past, but does not want to commit to spending the money on themselves. A good pair of work gloves are thoughtful, easy to personalize, and necessary for all construction management professionals to have!

9. Protective phone case.
Chances are, if you’ve got a smartphone then you’ve got a case and a screen protector on it. But if your love spends any time at all on a construction site without a heavy duty case, it may not be protective enough. Our phones or more than just communication devices to us now between checking the time, using the calculator, writing down notes, or snapping photos. A protective phone case, like an Otterbox or LifeProof case, will ease your Valentine’s mind when he or she needs to take their phone out during the workday.

10. Indestructible watch.
If your Valentine already has a protective phone case for their smartphone, an indestructible watch is a great gift idea. Most of us use our phones to check the time in lieu of using a watch, but that’s risky business on a jobsite, even with a protective phone case. Heavy duty watches come in hundreds of different styles and colors, and they’re stylish and practical. If you aren’t sure where to start, G-Shock is a good starting point.

Most of our suggestions are suitable as Valentine’s Day gifts for anyone in your life, but we know that extra special construction professional you love so much is going to love receiving these gifts. Whichever gift you choose though, don’t forget the card!