Thinking about all that goes into properly preparing for your big interview can leave you overwhelmed. From making sure your resume is up to date, finding out what you’re going to wear, making sure you know where the building is located, there are so many things to remember! 

Luckily, we’ve put together a list of tips that will help you rock your next face to face interview!




They say time is of the essence so it is essential that you arrive about 15 minutes before the interview time. Arriving too early may throw the hiring manager off, however always be early for your interview. If you aren’t familiar with the location of your interview, take some time the day before to find it so you plan for the real day. This way you’ll be aware of your surroundings, know if you’ll need to pay for parking, or need to walk a few blocks to get there.


Organization is key before & during your interview. Don’t forget to bring in a few copies of your resume for your interviewer(s). Be sure to bring a black portfolio with a legal pad inside, or use your tablet to jot down notes & any important information you gather during the interview. Remember this is your interview, you’re allowed to ask questions as well. 

Prepare about 5-7 questions to ask of the hiring manager but remember, all questions should be focused on the opportunity you’re interviewing for.   

Appropriate questions: 

  1. What do the day-to-day responsibilities of the role look like?
  2. What are the company’s values?
  3. Can you show me examples of projects I’d be working on?
  4. What are the biggest challenges that someone in this position would face?
  5. Where do you see this company in the next few years?

Inappropriate questions: 

Any questions that pertain to “your benefit” are a no go in your interview. Try to avoid asking questions that will be answered after you’re offered a position unless it is brought up such as compensation & benefits. Showing your future employer what you bring to the table & that you’re focused on the opportunity presented is the main priority during your interview.

3. Do your research 

Your future employer has done their research on you so make sure you do research on them. Spend time studying their website thoroughly, this is a great investment of your time as your interviewer may ask questions pertaining to “what you know about their business.” It’s complementary to the hiring manager when you ask a question or two about what you saw on the website. They know that you took the time to study our website, so you must be interested in our company and the position.


You never get a second chance to make a first impression. Always dress business professional no matter what you may think the companies’ work environment is like. You will be evaluated within minutes by the way you are dressed. Make sure that your hair is groomed, shoes are shined & put your best foot forward. Also, dressing well shows respect for the hiring managers you will be meeting. Avoid wearing strong perfume/cologne many people have allergies and you wouldn’t want to make the hiring manager feel uncomfortable.

5. interview language

You may have an awesome resume & meet all the qualifications, but how you deliver yourself is what is most important. Sounding confident & using proper language is essential in your interview. Avoid using poor language such as ‘non-words’ (as huh, um, or the like), slang & profanity. Make sure to speak at a normal pace & annunciate your words so the interviewer can clearly understand you & your intended message. Body language is just as important as verbal language. Make sure that you have great posture & aren’t fidgeting with any objects or your hands. Maintaining strong eye contact shows the interviewer that you are not only listening but you are truly engaged in what they are saying. 

In the event you are meeting for dinner or lunch please remember that you are being interviewed. This is not a lunch social with your friends. Choose something to eat that is easy & clean to eat. Avoid ordering any alcoholic beverages, even though the hiring manager may order one for themselves.  


You will be asked many questions throughout the interview, however, there are a few questions that are a bit more tricky to answer. Be prepared for a question as to “why you left your last employment or why you are contemplating leaving your current employment”  but never ever bash a previous employer.


Don’t forget at the closing of your interview to ask them what do they perceive as the next step in this process? This will give you an idea of when you can expect to receive a response. Grab all the business cards you can so that you can send them a follow-up thank you email that same day. Do not delay! 

Interviews can be overwhelming, but that’s normal! Always remember to be yourself & authentic no matter what. Remain enthusiastic, honest, & positive throughout the interview & you’ll rock it!

Save our “Face to Face Interview Tips” infographic for on the go!