About Cari

Cari was born and raised in Saint Petersburg, Florida. After graduating High School, Cari moved to Indianapolis, IN, to take on new life challenges. Recently, Cari moved back to her hometown to be closer to her family and friends.

Five years ago, Cari started her career as an Executive Recruiter and, in doing so, found the path she is meant to pursue. Cari enjoys connecting with individuals learning their wants, needs, and goals. She loves to help individuals find the perfect career match that allows them to reach their true potential and will continue to assist with chasing their dreams and always tries to one-up them, no matter how long it may take – but that goes to show off her competitive side!

Cari is very active in her free time, spending time outdoors or in the gym, creating DIY projects, hanging with her loved ones, or tracking down the latest coffee shop.